Knights of the Round Live Action Role Playing Game was created by First Knight LLC. It's creator and company owner is Mario Krese (ME ^_^). First Knight LLC was originally created to provide consultation on IT based solutions, but has since been exploring another business practice: GAME DEVELOPMENT!

Knights of the Round was made to stand apart from the old ways of Live Action Role Playing games, or LARPs, and breaks the chains of limitations of being bound by sets of statistics found in the text books of Dungeons and Dragons, and video games like Final Fantasy or Diablo. By providing a short yet sweet set of rules, similar to more commonly seen sports and their events, meanwhile keeping to the faith of medieval fantasy re-enactment, we were able to create a game that an every day person can play.

We want to be clear: There are still plenty of fantastical things to be experienced while attending our game. Instead of relying enirely on your imagination (which there are still certain aspects of our game that do), this game is entirely focused on being organically produced for you, the player. If you see it, it's there! If you want to play and Elf or a Dwarf, by all means, freely dress up as much as you like to your hearts desire! There's no stopping you from doing it, allowing you to roleplay to your hearts content!

So that's all and great, but what kind of game is this really, you ask? Knights of the Round LARP is a kingdom building game at its core. The setting is based in Arthurian times, and encompasses both fictional and non-fictional lore from Arthurian literature. The aim of the game is that you represent a large faction (Such as Knights of the Round, or their enemy, Knights of the Rebellion), and while doing so, your objective is to liberate and occupy notable landmarks via a region map (provided in the rulebook) that provide resources for your kingdom to use to build structures for the town, magic and metal materials for the craftsman, and in turn provide new equipment for the knights. The more resources you obtain, the higher upgrades you can earn.

There are currently NO LEVELS in our game, NO damage calls, and NO FAVORITES. We even provide judges (referees) on player versus player events. Knights of the Round is dependant on the community that supports it. With that said, will you be the next hero to come help build something great? We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!